Big surprise!

About two days ago I got a message; are you the former owner of Jørgen? I was not really believing it. I thought “Jørgen” the Fjord horse was dead many years ago!

He was my first horse ever. I bought him when I was 18, and today he is at least 22 years old. The girl that messaged me is also 18, so the story repeats itself. She told me that he is one of the most fit horses in her stable, and he is still pulling the wagon and going for long rides.

randi og Jørgen

This is me and Jørgen about 18 years ago! I am a bit thinner, he is a bit thicker 🙂 Today there are more than 1000 miles between us, but I`m sure he still remembers me!

Jørgen is a horse with a long story. He has got many owners between me and this girl, and his life has gone up and down. First of all, he got saved from an old man that kept him tied up in a stable until he was 3 years old. My farrier managed to fix his hoofs with high plastic heels, and he was the easiest horse to train.

He was borned for the wagon and he jumped with all his heart. The style wasn´t the best, but he loved everything I asked him to do. Like pulling me in the snow on ski! Unfortunately I had to sell him when I went to study abroad, and I still miss him… I learned  a lot about horsemanship thanks to him, which I am still practising today.

I am so glad that he is living in a wonderful place now, whit lots of love and funny activities. I hope that I can go to visit him soon, and I wish him many happy years to come. I hope that he never has to change home again….

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