Living in Italy

This is a blog about horses and the Italian life in general. Follow me to discover beautiful Piedmont from the horseback! In 2008 I met the man in my life… and the destiny wanted him to be an Italian guy!

But if it wasn’t for the horses, I would have been totally lost in this amazing country. They helped me trough my toughest time ever; how to adapt in a new country without even knowing the language! The most special ones that will always live in my heart; Efisio – the Arab ,  Wolke – the Haflinger and Red – the Quarter horse.

I have been a horse addict since the age of 14. Before that I grew up with horses in the garden, and being around them is just natural for me. They are such a big part of my identity that they make me feel grounded to the earth.

Italy is so different from my former homes; Norway and Australia. Not many people will ever understand how much life changes in a new country. But despite of that, I am still that 14 year old cowgirl that just love galloping through the bush… and that still finds the joy in learning to know new horses and cope with their different personalities.

In this blog I really want to share my life experiences with you, and tell you more about the land I’ve learned to love. Italy has become my home, and you have no idea how strong the equestrian culture is around here.

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